New Delhi Team


Sonia Bhalla

Partner | Lead Designer

Mrs. Sonia Bhalla is the principal designer of the firm and heads the Architecture & design department. She has 32+ years of experience in the profession. All stages of all the projects starting with the concept development to the final completion drawing and detailing are overlooked by her. With her unique design aesthetic, attention to detail, focus on innovation & leadership skills, she is an invaluable asset to team SDB.


Anurag Bansal

Chief Architect

Mr. Anurag Bansal has 25+ years of experience in the profession. He has a specialized Masters in Healthcare Architecture along with vast experience in Institutional, Commerical & Industrial design. He is an active member of the Indian architecture community & plays a key role in project coordination, value engineering and construction administration. He is thus an important member of the design team.


Ramesh Chand

Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineer

Mr. Ramesh Chand has 30+ years experience in M.E.P design and is the head of the Plumbing department. He has vast experience with Institutional and Commercial design and plays a key role in incorporating innovative plumbing design solutions starting from the schematic stage until the project completion. He is also well versed with the permitting process for all types of projects.


Naresh Gaur

Structural Engineer

Mr. Naresh Gaur is a highly skilled Civil Engineer with 35 + years of experience in the field. He has worked with a wide variety of projects ranging from small scale to large scale developments. His expertise in structural design & detailing makes him a critical part of all projects on which he collaborates starting from the concept to the final stage.


Balvinder Pal Singh

Electrical Engineer

Mr Balvinder Singh has been associated with our team for a long time and has over 35 +years experience in electrical design & consulting. He is a critical thinker who is also well versed in overall MEP design and on site coordination/ site progress management. As part of the firm he has worked on Institutional, Commercial & Industrial projects.


S.R. Bansal

Quantity & Surveying Engineer

Mr. Bansal has a Diploma in Civil Engineering & over 33 + years experience in the field. He has worked on multiple projects at the firm and manages the preliminary bids, cost comparisons by contractors & final budget estimating of all stages of the projects. This is a major driver for value engineering, making him a key member of the team.


Shivani Bhalla

Senior Architect | Junior Partner

Ms. Shivani Bhalla has a Masters in Interior Architecture & Adaptive Reuse from the renowned Rhode Island School of design, USA along with 8+ years of work experience. Her specialty is Conceptual design, Project Management, and Client Presentations. She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercial to mixed use residential both in India and the US. Her goal is to promote the "global design initiative" started by the firm making her an invaluable asset to the team. She is presently heading the US expansion of the firm.


Puneet Hans

Staff Architect

Mr. Puneet Hans is a very talented Architect with 5+ years of work experience in design and construction. He excels in 3D visualization along with Architectural drawing and detailing. As part of the firm he has worked on reputed Commercial, Institutional and Industrial projects. His attention to detail, dedication and desire to excel makes him a key member of the design team at the firm.


Anupam Jaiswal

Staff Architect

Mr. Anupam Jaiswal is an extremely talented Architect and creative thinker. With 5+ years experience in the profession he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from Institutional, Industrial and Interior design. His specialty is conceptual design and 3D visualization along with photography. He is a problem solver and critical thinker making him an important part of the design team.


Complete Team

Mr. Pradeep Kaushik - Accounts Director

Ms. Jaisey Mathews- Human Resources Director

Mr. Sujit Chowdhury - Structural Engineer

Mr. S.K. Sharma - Site Engineer

Mr. Balbir Singh- Site Engineer

Mr Gurpreet Singh - Office Manager

Mr. Shishir Srivastava - Staff Architect

Huda Masroor - Staff Architect

Aakanksha Jain - Staff Architect

Ms. Sheetu Goel - Staff Architect

Mr. Vikram Kalita - Staff Architect

Mr. Ajay Goel - Civil Engineer

Mr. Ankit Verma - Civil Engineer

Mr. Rahul Kumar - Civil Engineer